Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Appikonda అప్పికొండ

I lived not more than 6 km from this place for 10 years but never visited it.

Pity! I missed a great place to call my own.

Lone hill and clear sands...

...not to mention an ancient temple that froze time in itself.

2009 would have been a bad year for travel with me.

...but for a few good places to take my camera along.

One of them is Appikonda, some 25 km from Vizag.

Someswara temple on the sea shore at Appikonda. Believed to be around since the 12th century AD. Looks like the ASI never found it. The temple seemed as if it was never renovated in all these 700 years.

A lazy morning for the boats.

Wide beach and clean sands and shallow waters. The lone hill on the shore is the highlight.

A few metres away, the sea is rough

Local fisherman

A serene hidden beach


Virajay said...

d best place ever seen....

Anonymous said...

plz send me photos