Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Monsoon Train to Bodi

Rail Trip to Bodinayakkanur - November 18, 2006.

One wet afternoon, I took a train to Bodinayakkanur from Madurai.

The train swept across water logged paddy fields

The sky was overcast. Bodi was in midst of the Western Ghats. The hills loomed large as the lttile train pulled ahead.

Multiple hues of green and grey with the monsoon clouds looming low. The rain had swept away all the dust inthe atmosphere.

A little light music to go with the climate.

All the tall peaks of the Kodai Hills were covered by clouds.

Wonderful shapes these peaks assumed. They absolutely dwarfed the little train I took.

Every second, a new scene. Window of a train offers more than what all television channels put together could offer.

Little stations passed by with few rural passengers alighting the train. It was an earthy branch line.

More hills and more clouds. Monsoon at its best.

At last, Bodinayakkanur! We reached Bodi at a twilight hour and found a little station tucked in a corner and guarded by huge peaks. Bodi is the terminus of this branch line from Madurai. The train won't go any further. A small and silent station, Bodi is a treat to the eyes thanks to all those trees surrounding it.

Bodi is known for its cardamom. This little train helps the traders carry the cardamom sacks (in the pic) to Madurai from where, they are sent to all parts of India. thanks to cardamom, Bodi is the most fragrant little stations in India. The train will start back to Madurai in half hour. Vivek gets the last minute snaps. Look at those trees and all the greenery. Bodi is heaven.

The little YDM4 locomotive is attached to the back of the train. It is all set to return to Madurai. The beautiful YDM4 and metre gauge are not forever. Their days are numbered. In two years from now, the route will be converted to broad gauge.