Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Destiny's Child

They call it the City of Destiny. I spent a good 15 years there before heading out to less greener pastures. Vizag however retained its beauty through all these years. This year too, I came to Vizag to visit my parents but became a tourist for a brief while. Just check out what I saw:

Unnamed beach along the coastal road to Bhimli

Toy vendors at RK Beach

A Snake God keeps vigil over the choppy waters of the Bay of Bengal at Rushikonda

A little girl watches the waves at Rushikonda

Bay of Bengal as seen from the Tenneti Park

Dolphin's Nose

Monolith at RK Beach

RK Beach

Beach Road and RK Beach, Vizag


Sridhar Joshi said...

Wonderful pics.......your skill or your new camera?

Ranganath Eunny said...

New camera

workhard said...

Lovely pictures of the beach..