Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tipong - David and Friends

Here is our own version of Thomas the Tank Engine. Unlike Thomas this is for real. Presented here are some pics of the steam railway in operation at the Tipong Colleries of Assam.

Thanks to Mr. Mohan Bhuyan (IRFCA) for lending me his lovely photographs.

Wonder who is this? This is B 796 ( B class 0-4-0ST no. 789 ) a tiny coal hauling saddle tank steam locomotive.

The loco is same as the one that takes you to Darjeeling.

That is little David. Yes that is his name given by the folks here. David is more famous outside India! Every year hordes of steam enthusiasts visit this place to witness David in action. He and his friends are among the last narrow gauge steam locomotives still operating in the word.

David (Bagnall 0-4-0ST ) is the only loco light enough to be allowed on this particular bridge.

B796 reverses itself to its little trucks of coal.

Who says coal mines are ugly, dirty sites. David and is friends make this colliery only more beautiful...

It is a day in life as usual in Tipong...and its steamers. of the last steaming villages on earth.]
(B796 Hauling its load from the mines through the village)

All Photographs: Courtesy Mr. Mohan Bhuyan (IRFCA)


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